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Contract Teachers and Student Achievement in Rural China: Evidence from Class Fixed Effects
Wang Lei, Siqi Zhang, Mengjie Li, Yonglei Sun, Sean Sylvia, Enyan Yang, Guangrong Ma, Linxiu Zhang, Di Mo, and Scott Rozelle
November 2017


Student Confidence in Reading in Rural China
Qiufeng Gao, Hongmei Yi, Huan Wang, Yaojiang Shi, Cody Abbey, and Scott Rozelle
November 2017


Can Reading Programs Improve Reading Skills and Academic Achievement in Rural China
Qiufeng Gao, Di Mo, Yaojiang Shi, Huan Wang, Kaleigh Kenney, and Scott Rozelle
November 2017


Reading Achievement in China's Rural Primary Schools: A Study of Three Provinces
Qiufeng Gao, Yaojiang Shi, Hongmei Yi, Cody Abbey, and Scott Rozelle
November 2017


Neglected Tropical Disease in China: The Case of Neurocystocercosis in Tibetan Farming Communities
Huan Zhou, Ben Hartwell, Tom Kennedy, Grace Barket, Genevieve Hu, Tiaoying Li, Alexis Medina, Scott Rozelle, and John Openshaw
October 2017


Assessing the Quality of Upper-secondary Vocational Education and Training: Evidence from China
Hongmei Yi, Guirong Li, Liying Li, Prashant Loyalka, Linxiu Zhang, Jiajia Xu, Elena Kardanova, Henry Shi, and James Chu
September 2017


The Prevalance of Parent-Teacher Interaction in Developing Countries and Its Effect on Student Outcomes
Guirong Li, Millie Lin, Chengfang Liu, Angela Johnson, Yanyan Li, and Prashant Loyalka
September 2017


Independent Reading in Rural China's Elementary Schools: A Mixed-Methods Analysis
Huan Wang, Di Mo, Hongmei Yi, Emma Seevak, Reid Manheim, Matthew Boswell, Scott Rozelle, Sarah Kotb, and Yaojiang Shi
July 2017


Is China’s 32 Billion Dollar Program to Fight Rural Undernutrition Working? A Mixed Methods Analysis
Huan Wang, Yaojiang Shi, Wilson Liang, Laura Jonsson, Samuel Kennedy, Gloria Breck, Jane Bai, Qiran Zhao, Matthew Boswell, Scott Rozelle, and Alexis Medina
July 2017


Parenting at Arm's Length: Early Development and the Absence of Interactive Parenting in Rural China
Ai Yue, Yaojiang Shi, Renfu Luo, Alexis Medina, Sarah Kotb, and Scott Rozelle
July 2017


The Effect of Teacher Looping on Student Achievement: Evidence from Rural China
Lei Wang, Mengying Wu, Yaojiang Shi, Yazhuo Chen, Prashant Loyalka, James Chu, Kaleigh Kenny, and Scott Rozelle
July 2017


The Relationship Between Maternal Parenting Knowledge and Infant Development Outcomes: Evidence from Rural China
Ai Yue, Mengying Wu, Yaojiang Shi, Renfu Luo, Baozhu Wang, Kaleigh Kenny, and Scott Rozelle
July 2017


Can Reading Programs Improve Reading Skills and Academic Performance in Rural China?
Qiufeng Gao, Di Mo, Yaojiang Shi, Huan Wang, Kaleigh Kenny, and Scott Rozelle
July 2017


Understanding the Situation of China's Left-Behind Children: A Mixed-Methods Analysis
Fang Chang, Yaojiang Shi, Amber Shen, Asa Kohrman, Katherine Li, Qinqin Wan, Kaleigh Kenny, and Scott Rozelle
July 2017


Unpacking Teacher Professional Development
Prashant Loyalka, Anna Popova, Guirong Li, Chengfang Liu, and Henry Shi
April 2017


The Impact of Teacher Professional Development Programs on Student Achievement in Rural China
Meichen Lu, Prashat Loyalka, Yaojiang Shi, Fang Chang, Chengfang Liu, and Scott Rozelle
January 2017


The Gender Gap in Math Performance, Self-Concept and Anxiety: Rural and Urban China in an International Context
Meichen Lu, Yaojiang Shi, Fang Chang, Kaleigh Kenny, and Scott Rozelle
January 2017


Absolute versus Comparative Advantage: Consequences for Gender Gaps in STEM and College Access
Prashant Loyalka, May Maani, Yue Qu, and Sean Sylvia
January 2017


The Effect of Maternal Migration on Early Childhood Development in Rural China
Ai Yue, Sean Sylvia, Yu Bai, Yaojiang Shi, Renfu Luo and Scott Rozelle 
December 2016


Seeing is Believing: Experimental Evidence of the Impact of Eyeglasses on Academic Performance, Aspirations and Dropout among Junior High School Students in Rural China
Jingchun Nie, Xiaopeng Pang, Sean Sylvia, Lei Wang, and Scott Rozelle
December 2016


Parenting Attitudes, Behaviors and Developmental Delays in Children Aged 6-18 Months: Evidence from Rural China
Renfu Luo, Fang Jia, Ai Yue, Linxiu Zhang, Qijia Lü, Yaojiang Shi, Meredith Yang, and Scott Rozelle
October 2016


Parental Behavior and Social-Emotional Development Among Infants in Rural Shaanxi Province, China
Ai Yue, Shan Li, Meini Shi, Yaojiang Shi, Renfu Luo, Kaleigh Kenny, Scott Rozelle
October 2016


Ability Tracking and Social Capital in China's Rural Secondary School System
Fan Li, Prashant Loyalka, Hongmei Yi, Yaojiang Shi, Natalie Johnson, Scott Rozelle
July 2016


Pay By Design: Teacher Performance Pay Design and the Distribution of Student Achievement
Prashant Loyalka, Sean Sylvia, Chengfang Liu, James Chu, Yaojiang Shi
May 2016


Effect of Parental Migration on the Academic Performance of Left-behind Children in Northwestern China
Yu Bai, Linxiu Zhang, Chengfang Liu, Yaojiang Shi, Di Mo, Scott Rozelle
May 2016


Order Matters: The Effect of Second-Wave Migration on Student Academic Performance in Northwest China
Yu Bai, Michae Neubauer, Tong Ru, Yaojiang Shi, Kaleigh Kenny, Scott Rozelle
May 2016


Can Bureaucrats Really Be Paid like CEOs? School Administrator Incentives for Anemia Reduction in Rural China
Renfu Luo, Grant Miller, Scott Rozelle, Sean Sylvia, Marcos Vera-Hernandez
December 2015


The Impact of Vocational Teachers on Student Learning in Developing Countries: Does Enterprise Experience Matter?
Jamie Johnston, Prashant Loyalka, James Chu, Yingquan Song, Hongmei Yi, Xiaoting Huang, Scott Rozelle
July 2015


The Impact of Conditional Cash Transfers on the Matriculation of Junior High School Students to Rural China’s High Schools
Fan Li, Yingquan Song, Hongmei Yi, Jianguo Suo, Linxiu Zhang, Yaojiang Shi, James Chu, Natalie Johnson, Prashant Loyalka, Scott Rozelle
July 2015


Who Drops Out from Primary Schools in China? Evidence from Minority-Concentrated Rural Areas
Meichen Lu, Manlin Cui, Yaojiang Shi, Fang Chang, Di Mo, Scott Rozelle, Natalie Johnson
July 2015


Computer Technology in Education: Evidence from a Pooled Study of Computer Assisted Learning Programs among Rural Students in China
Weiming Huang, Di Mo, Yaojiang Shi, Linxiu Zhang, Matthew Boswell, Scott Rozelle
November 2014


Inequalities in the Pathway to College in China: When Do Students from Poor Areas Fall Behind?
Prashant Loyalka, James Chu, Jianguo Wei, Natalie Johnson, Joel Reniker, Scott Rozelle
October 2014


Is the high school admissions process fair? Explaining inequalities in elite high school enrollments in developing countries
Prashant Loyalka, Zhaolei Shi, James Chu, Natalie Johnson, Jianguo Wei, Scott Rozelle
October 2014


Can School Counseling Reduce School Dropout in Developing Countries?
Huan Wang, James Chu, Prashant Loyalka, Xin Tao, Yaojiang Shi, Qinghe Qu, Chu Yang, Scott Rozelle
September 2014


Soil-Transmitted Helminths in Southwestern China: Links to Cognitive Ability, Nutrition, and School Performance among Children
Chengfang Liu, Renfu Luo, Shaoping Li, Baiyun Li, Linxiu Zhang, Alexis Medina, D. Scott Smith, Scott Rozelle
June 2014


The Persistence of Gains in Learning from Computer Assisted Learning (CAL): Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Rural Schools in Shaanxi Province in China
Di Mo, Linxiu Zhang, Jiafu Wang, Weiming Huang, Yaojiang Shi, Matthew Boswell, Scott Rozelle
January 2014


Ordeal Mechanisms and Information in the Promotion of Health Goods in Developing Countries: Evidence From Rural China
Xiaochen Ma, Sean Sylvia, Matthew Boswell, Scott Rozelle
October 2014


The Impact of Vocational Schooling on Human Capital Development in Developing Countries: Evidence from China
Prashant Loyalka, Xiaoting Huang, Linxiu Zhang, Jianguo Wei, Hongmei Yi, Yingquan Song, Baoping Ren, Yaojiang Shi, James Chu, May Maani, Scott Rozelle
August 2013


Unequal Access to College in China: How Far Have Poor, Rural Students Been Left Behind?
Hongbin Li, Prashant Loyalka, Scott Rozelle, Binzhen Wu, Jieyu Xie
April 2013


Exploring Dropout Rates and Causes of Dropout in Upper-Secondary Vocational Schools in China
Joe Yao, Hongmei Yi, Linxiu Zhang, Huan Wang, Chu Yang, Yaojiang Shi, James Chu, Prashant Loyalka, Scott Rozelle
April 2013


Poor Vision Among China’s Rural Primary School Students: Prevalence, Correlates and Consequences
Hongmei Yi, Linxiu Zhang, Xiaochen Ma, Nathan Congdon, Yaojiang Shi, Xiaopeng Pang, Junxia Zeng, Lei Wang, Matthew Boswell, Scott Rozelle
April 2013


Maternal Health Services in China’s Western Rural Areas: Uptake and Correlates
Chengfang Liu, Linxiu Zhang, Hongmei Yi, Renfu Luo, Yaojiang Shi, Huan Zhou, Alexis Medina, Scott Rozelle
February 2013


The Influence of Brand Information on Chocolate Preferences of Chinese Consumers
Di Mo, Johan Swinnen, Linxiu Zhang, Scott Rozelle
September 2012


The Economic Returns to Higher Education in the BRIC Countries and Their Implications for Higher Education Expansion
Martin Carnoy, Prashant Loyalka, Gregory Androushchak, Anna Proudnikova
August 2013


Does Expanding Higher Education Equalize Income Distribution? The Case of the BRIC Countries
Martin Carnoy, Prashant Loyalka, Gregory Androuschak
October 2012


The Quality of Engineering Education in the BRIC Countries
Prashant Loyalka, Martin Carnoy, Isak Froumin, Rafiq Dossani, Jandhyala Tilak
June 2013


Dormitory Management and Boarding Students in China’s Rural Elementary Schools
Ai Yue, Yaojiang Shi, Fang Chang, Chu Yang, Huan Wang, Hongmei Yi, Renfu Luo, Chengfang Liu, Linxiu Zhang, James Chu, Scott Rozelle
March 2012


Does Computer-Assisted Learning Improve Learning Outcomes? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Public Schools in Rural Minority Areas in Qinghai, China
Fang Lai, Linxiu Zhang, Qinghe Qu, Xiao Hu, Yaojiang Shi, Matthew Boswell, Scott Rozelle
June 2013


Does Computer-Assisted Learning Improve Learning Outcomes? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Migrant Schools in Beijing
Fang Lai, Renfu Luo, Linxiu Zhang, Xinzhe Huang, Scott Rozelle
May 2011


Educating Beijing's Migrants: A Profile of the Weakest Link in China's Education System
Xiaochen Ma, Chengfang Liu, Renfu Luo, Linxiu Zhang, Yujie Bai, Yaojiang Shi, Scott Rozelle, Brian Sharbono
September 2009


How Much Does An Elementary School Merger Cost? Evidence from Rural China
Chengfang Liu, Scott Rozelle, Linxiu Zhang


Mergers and the Efficiency Performance of Elementary Schools in China
Chengfang Liu, Linxiu Zhang, Qiang Li


Efficiency Analysis of Elementary Schools in China
Chengfang Liu, Linxiu Zhang, Qiang Li
May 2007


Long-term Effects of China's Great Famine in Hong Kong and Mainland China
Hongbin Li, Douglas Almond, Lena Edlund, Junsen Zhang

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