Stories from the Field

Rural Life

While each student's story is unique, there are common characteristics among the poor rural families REAP targets with its programs. Poor families are those of few assets, for whom income shocks in the form of accidents, illnesses, or other family problems, along with exogenous shocks, such as poor weather in agricultural areas or shifts in market prices, can push poor families over the brink. The families REAP assists are those on the edge, attempting to improve their future livelihood with long-term investments, including education, while struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis. Here are a sampling of stories from rural China to help depict the daily life our clients lead.

Ban Baohong

Ke Xianpeng

Liu Zhenlong

Meng Xiangjun

Han Jing



Migrant Life

Major cities in China are now host to large populations of rural migrants. The current hukou system forbids children of migrant laborers from entering the public school system which has given rise to private migrant elementary schools with no government support and few resources available. These stories depict the life of migrant children from the desperately poor to the comparatively well off, and their educational plans for the future.

Lin Ming

Gao Jianmin

Lee Miahua

Chen Zhipeng


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