Policy Impact - REAP By The Numbers

Through our projects, we have touched the lives of millions of China's poorest and most needy children.


  • REAP has tested over 43,744 children for anemia
  • REAP has distributed over one million vitamin supplements
  • REAP has arranged for over 15,200 students to participate in innovative computer-assisted learning programs
  • REAP has disbursed 2.2 million dollars of scholarship money to the poorest students in rural areas


Despite these achievements, as an impact evaluation group we know these are only "inputs." REAP is even more concerned with measuring the end results--or impact--of our efforts. Here are some of the exciting project outcomes we have contributed to:


  • About 3 million students are now eating an egg a day
  • Over 20 million students are now eating a more nutritious school lunch
  • Over 8,000 students have been prevented from dropping out of school prematurely
  • Since 2008, REAP has submitted a total of 19 policy briefs to the top tiers of China's national government. We continue to submit recommendations at a rate of 2-3 per year

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