Early Childhood Development

Early intervention and parenting training to improve the future of China's children.

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It Takes a Village

Children in rural China are living a life of silence.

Parents and grandparents love, feed, and clothe their children, but do not interact with them verbally. This lack of interaction has long term consequences.

One third of China's rural babies are cognitively delayed.

Over half suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Research consistently shows that developmental and growth delays in this critical period before age 3 are irreversible, and can have serious implications even into adulthood.

54% of rural children show some degree of language impairment.

49.7% of China's children live in the countryside. China's economy will suffer tremendously if these children grow up to be unemployable because of childhood cognitive delays.

Caregivers aren't reading to their children enough.

Only 10% of children have more than 5 books, and less than 30% of caregivers regularly read to their children. It's not that caregivers are unwilling to read, but rather they don't know the benefits of early childhood reading.

Dropping the Ball on Nutrition

Misinformation over childhood nutrition abounds in rural China. Parents don't know what kinds of food to feed their children at what age. Parents often turn to online forums, friends, and older family members, but miss important details.

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