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Reducing tapeworm infection could improve academic performance, reduce poverty, Stanford research suggests

May 2018

This is an excerpt of the the article, which was first published in Stanford News.

China's Top Economic Risk? Education.

November 2017

Bloomberg writes on REAP and Scott Rozelle's work China's looming education problem.

One in three Chinese children faces an education apocalypse.

September 2017

Science Magazine writes about REAP's work on early childhood development in rural China.

New York Times: China’s School Dropouts a Growing Concern for Economy in Transition

August 2017

Reuters/The New York Times write about REAP's research on early childhood development.

Stanford researchers partner with local government to bring vision care to rural China

December 2015

One simple action—placing eyeglasses on a nearsighted child’s face—can help that child to learn almost twice as much in a single school year.

Reuters: China's latest building binge—the education factory

October 2015

 In China's countryside, tracts of forests are being replaced with concrete as a new type of factory is being built: the education factory.

Huffington Post: How Glasses Can Help Solve Rural China's Schooling Problem

October 2015

Simply giving nearsighted children glasses can dramatically boost their school performance.

News China Magazine: Left-behind children and helping hands

September 2015

As millions of migrant workers flock to China's cities in search of factory jobs, they are leaving an estimated 60 million children at home in rural areas without one or both parents.

Huffington Post: Can China's One-Child Policy Enforcers Transform Rural Education?

August 2015

  “You can put off building a highway or an airport, but you can’t put off nurturing a child." This article is the first in a What’s Working series that looks at innovative policy solutions...

Rural School Principal Writes to Thank REAP

January 2015

REAP's biggest goal is to connect action-based research with effective policy change that makes a meaningful difference in the lives of China's rural poor families.

REAP Launches Impact Evaluation Graduate Course at Shaanxi Normal University

November 2014

In November and December of this year, REAP researchers are working with our partners at the Center for Experimental Economics in Education (CEEE) to teach a 5-week intensive graduate course on...

CEEE Holds Conference on Impact Evaluation in the Field of Education

November 2014

From October 19th to 22nd, REAP's partner at Shaanxi Normal University, the Center for Experimental Economics in Education (CEEE), held a conference gathering representatives from 10 universities...

China Education Daily Highlights REAP's Teacher Performance Pay Project

October 2014

China Education Daily, a national newspaper published by the Department of Education with daily readership in the millions, published a feature article highlighting REAP research on teacher...

The Economist Presents REAP Research on Rural Secondary School Dropout

August 2014

An article in The Economist published on August 23, 2014, on school dropouts in rural China cites REAP research on the matter.

Caixin Column 11: The Problem with Vocational Education

July 2014

  China’s vocational education is training technical workers for skills that will soon no longer be needed.

Caixin Column 10: Why Drop Out?

June 2014

  Over one million middle school students in rural China drop out every year. Though the reasons for dropping out are clear, it is difficult to find any way to improve.

Caixin Online Features REAP Research on Lowering High School Dropout Rates

March 2014

 An article published in Caixin Online (in Chinese) on March 28, 2014, features REAP research on how to improve high school enrollment rates in rural China. Yi Hongmei, an assistant professor at...

Eyeglasses Boost Test Scores in Rural China

March 2014

Test scores jump following a massive effort by FSI's Rural Education Action Program to screen the vision of 20,000 children in rural China.

REAP Featured in China News Service Report

April 2012

文中提到REAP,使用了副标题 ”REAP:用实证数据说话”。

Bridging China's education gap with technology, research and policy

March 2012

FSI's Scott Rozelle says 80 percent of urban Chinese students have Internet access, compared to 2 percent of their rural peers.

China’s Economic Stability Depends on More Education, Stanford Economist Says

December 2011

Without sending more kids to high school and teaching them the skills needed to support higher wages, China runs the risk of never really making it as a rich nation.


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