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Scholarly Publications

Information, College Decisions and Financial Aid: Evidence from a Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial in China

December 2013

College is a Rich, Han, Urban, Male Club: Research Notes from a Census Survey of Four Tier One Colleges in China

December 2013

One’s opportunity to attend college and earn a degree has increased dramatically in China. However, that does not mean that everyone has an equal opportunity.


Policy Related Research - REAP 2013

Official Policy Briefs(Submitted to China’s State Council) Research and Policy Recommendations on the Situation of Infant Malnutrition and Underdevelopment in Poor AreasAdvisory for Implementing a...

Intestinal Worms

Poor sanitation breeds trouble. Intestinal worms are a significant public health problem in many developing countries, with about one quarter of the world’s population infected.

Vocational vs. Academic High School

China is the world’s largest developing country.


Xiaopeng Pang Affiliate
Linxiu Zhang Director, REAP-China