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REAP Video Documentaries

Curious about REAP's work? Watch the videos below to learn about REAP's unique approach to poverty alleviation and some of our project areas.


Welcome to the Annual REAP Trip! [5:45]


Learn what it's like to participate in the annual REAP trip -- an unparalleled chance to see REAP in action and learn firsthand about China's ongoing development challenges. 


REAP at a Glance [5:18]


Learn the basics of REAP's approach and our research areas of interest in this short documentary.

Dreams to Fulfill [8:53]


Why does REAP focus on education? Behind the empiricism that characterizes REAP's work are hopes and dreams that deserve to be fulfilled.

The Rural Education Action Project [8:47]


What makes REAP's research approach so innovative to begin with? This documentary details how REAP's collaborative, empirical approach position the organization to alleviate poverty on a large scale.

Paying for Performance in China's Battle Against Anemia [5:20]


Millions of students in China’s poor rural schools have anemia. Why is it that so little is being done to overcome this invisible epidemic? Even when an effective solution exists to a problem, motivating key individuals to act can be difficult. REAP designed the Paying for Performance intervention to explore how properly aligned incentives can motivate families and school administrators to combat widespread anemia among China's rural children.

Technology and Education: Computer Assisted Learning in Poor Migrant Schools[3:49]


Can educational software serve as a remedial aid in chronically under resourced schools? The Chinese government has committed billions of dollars to placing computers in schools across China. This experiment explores means to incorporate the machines effectively into existing curricula.

Collaborating with Policymakers: Making High School Free [6:10]


Productive collaborations with education officials in rural areas are key to scaling up REAP's successful interventions. REAP has joined forces with one county government to test a promising method of increasing high school enrollment: making high school free. This video illustrates how REAP works to scale up effective pilot projects to affect millions of needy students.


Is One Egg Enough? [5:21]


In response to REAP's findings about poor nutrition in China's countryside the Shaanxi provincial government announced a plan to provide every primary school aged child in the province with an egg per day. REAP is collaborating with the provincial government to evaluate the impact of their plan and exploring whether the “one egg” intervention is enough.

Anemia: Rural China's Invisible Epidemic [10:06]


REAP is dedicated to understanding and addressing the problem of iron deficiency and anemia in rural China: its consequences for health and education, and practical solutions for families and schools.

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